Mythbusters: The Truth About AFT and the “Ouch” Factor!

Hot town, summer in the city… Hong Kong is getting steamier by the minute, which means it’s high time to dig your teeniest swimwear out from storage and hit the beach, hard. You’ve done your research, and you’re just about ready to take the plunge and get started on your journey to a permanently smoother you.

But wait just a moment… This is going to hurt, right?! In this week’s Mythbusters, we’ll be separating fact from fiction when it comes to permanent hair removal and pain. So sit back and relax; we promise this won’t hurt a bit…

Once you’ve made your decision to get super-smooth with our very own improved version of IPL – the AFT, aka Advanced Fluorescent Technology, you’ll no doubt be keen to get started as soon as possible (especially with junk season just around the corner!). AFT is a more targeted and precise procedure as compared to the traditional IPL.

But you should beware of salons that try to get you to commit to a course of treatments without a thorough consultation and trial. This should take the form of a patch test, with the aim of the game being to see how well your skin tolerates the procedure. This vital first step will give you a good idea of just how much or little sensation you can expect during your course of treatments.

And about that “sensation”… you may have been told to expect a “snapping elastic band” level of pain during a typical IPL session, and with the older generation of machine this was a pretty accurate description. However, the latest AFT machines works in a far more efficient way than ever before, rendering the process painless for the vast majority of people. So always ask your therapist whether their salon has up-to-date equipment before you go ahead with any course of hair removal and remember: here at Strip we only use the most advanced AFT technology, resulting in all the gain without the pain!

We sent Hong Kong beauty blogger Rachel Read of Through The Looking Glass to demo a lower-leg session with us – here’s what she thought:

We’re told that many things in life are pain-free – and all too often, they turn out to be anything but! So I’ll admit to being slightly sceptical of Strip’s declarations of painlessness for their treatments… and now I’ve tried it, I’ll also admit to being totally wrong about it all!

I guinea-pigged a lower leg session and was completely amazed at how quick, easy and yes, totally pain-free it was. You’re told to expect a warming sensation from the AFT machine but honestly, I felt absolutely nothing; in fact, you’re likely to feel more of an “oooh” from the cooling gel that’s applied first. I actually fell asleep during my treatment, which should tell you everything you need to know about my comfort levels!

Over the next few days, my legs felt a little drier than usual – which Strip had told me to expect – but it’s nothing a lick of lotion won’t take care of (note: Strip’s Ice Cream is great for combatting this *link to last month’s article*). After a week, I’ve already noticed my leg hair is growing back more slowly and sparsely, and it seems finer too… so I’m excited to see what happens after further sessions, which is when I’m told the magic really takes hold. Stay tuned!