Insider Beauty Tips: Caring Before Baring!

Unless you’re naturally as smooth as a baby’s bottom, the reality for most of us is – unfortunately – a bit less cute. While ladies may find that legs, bikini line, underarms and (whisper it) even faces can require dedicated depilation, dudes are no less prone to embarrassing thickets. Backs, sacks and *ahem* cracks all benefit from prudent pruning by the boys – particularly before beach season.

If you’ve chosen to ditch the spiky razor regrowth once and for all, then a visit to the professionals is your starting point. Depending on your preference (and the cut of your swimwear!), there are various hair removal options available, so if you’re unsure where to begin your journey to the smooth side then step right this way!

The friendly folk at Strip have seen it all before, meaning that there’s no need to be shy when it comes to hopping on their couch for a frank chat… it’s therapy, with the added bonus of sexy skin! Be it permanent hair reduction with AFT, the improved version of the usual IPL, or good old wax; once you’ve chosen to take the plunge and rid yourself of those pesky follicles, the Strip lads and lasses have a few rules that will ensure your newly smooth skin remains more “ooh!” than “ouch!”


Exfoliate – gently! – once or twice a week, starting three days after hair removal. Applying a layer of ingrown hair cream can also stave off unsightly bumps, so use once a day for two weeks.

Hot baths, swimming and heat or UV treatments like saunas, sunbeds or sunbathing are out for a day or so. Also steer clear of intensive workouts, tight clothes and perfumes for 24 hours and – this should really go without saying – scratching the skin will lead to only one thing… and that’s an infection. Not so hot.


Stay out of the sun for around four weeks after your session or apply sunblock if you’re unable to avoid catching the rays. Avoid waxing, tweezing or epilating during your course of treatments, as AFT targets the hair’s roots. If you need any additional de-fuzzing during this time, it’s the razor for you!

And the extra-secret topping for skin success? A cheeky little scoop of Ice Cream, our very own smoothing and soothing aftercare cream that works on faces and other places to turn down the heat and turn up the moisture. Superstar ingredient Menthyl Lactate cools things down, while powerhouse moisturisers ensure that hydration stays up and sore skin remains firmly off the menu.

Delivering relief to skin from the first application, make sure to leave room for your Ice Cream the next time you want the smooth skin gain without the pain.