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One of the best semi-permanent hair removal treatment: Strip’s Soprano ICE Laser

If you’re looking for some of the best semi-permanent hair removal services, you should totally consider a laser hair removal treatment. It’s one of the most effective method in the market. Get the right salon to do it and the process can be virtually pain free. 

Imagine not having to shave those unwanted hair ever again, and at the same time, get smoother skin without the risks of ingrown hairs. Although everything sound too good to be true, these are just some of the benefits of the Soprano Ice laser treatment we have at Strip Hong Kong. 

Laser hair removal treatment Strip
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Customised treatment course for each individual

For those still doing your research, you might not know that laser hair removal treatments aren’t one-size-fits-all. Treatments are customised according each customer using a variety of different wavelengths to optimise its effectiveness. Everyone has different hair types and skin tones. That is the reason why we need the Soprano Ice technology. Using a diode laser to analyse those factors can ensure better energy absorption while providing an ideal hair removal solution for each individual. 

Pain no more

One of the greatest fear that is stopping a lot of people is the pain often perceived with laser treatments. You might have heard nightmares about painful procedures and unpleasant experiences. However, that story is different with the technology we have at Strip. With Soprano Laser cooling technology, the skin is cooled for a longer period of time. This minimises the risks of skin burns while still effectively treating the hair follicles on the dermis layer. You’ll feel nothing more than a gentle massaging warmth. 

Favourable results

Once the treatment courses are completed, you can look forward to having smoother skin without all those unwanted fuzz. Quality laser treatments can also prevent and reduce the growth of ingrown hairs (that we know, are nuisances). 

If you’re not convinced yet, we’ve also rounded up the reasons why you should kickstart your semi-permanent hair removal journey.

Cover Photo by Max Rovensky on Unsplash