Look dazzling even with a mask on

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We’ve been wearing a lot of face masks lately, and while that might be uncomfortable, it is an essential everyday-wear to don on that keeps us safe. So remember to always #wearamask when you are out. We know you vain ladies still want to look attractive even with a mask on. Well, it’s possible and we’re here to teach you how.

A mask covers your nose and mouth, but your peepers are out and that is the part of your face where you’d totally want to enhance. 

Lash extensions

The fastest, easiest and most affordable way to beautify your eyes is an eyelash extension procedure. It works by giving you a pair of beautiful eyelashes with the length, curl and volume that you’d like by framing your eyes, making them appear larger and darker. 

No more fake lashes and mascaras. Get that #iwokeuplikethis look all-day-everyday. 

Customise the look that you want — have a certain look in mind? Let our therapists know and they’ll customise it, just for you! 

browhaus strip hong kong

Brow Embroidery 

A pair of brows work perfectly hand in hand with your eyes to create that charming look you’ve always yearned for. One doesn’t exist without the other. 

So, a pair of good-looking brows is also an essential for that masked up look. Check out Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection procedure — a process that uses an advance embroidery technique to create natural-looking strokes, resulting in a finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow treatments that simply weave in parallel hair strands.

browhaus strip hong kong

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is perfect for those who’ve just did a major hair colour change — hey, you want your brows to match your hair too! Or, you can just darken them to get that bolder looking brows with a significant colour boost for a more defined look. This simple procedure gives your a fuller pair of brows while making your eyes appear brighter. Best thing about this quick and simple procedure? It also makes makeup application a lot simpler and easier since you don’t have to fill them in as much anymore. 

Drawing the perfect pair of brows and doing up the right eye makeup is probably the most time-consuming part of every ladies’ daily routine. Brow embroidery and lash extensions can reduce your preparation time significantly, so there’s more time for a good beauty sleep. 

These procedures are available at Browhaus. Make an appointment with us right now!