Soprano ICE laser hair removal is our fuss-free, pain-free and revolutionary experience for semi-permanent hair removal. Soprano ICE uses beams of specially filtered light to effectively stop hair growth at the root, preventing unwanted fuzz from sprouting back. We call on space-age technology which uses a variety of wavelengths to provide a tailored treatment for each customer.


STRIP’s Soprano laser technology is virtually pain free. Most customers feel nothing more than gentle massaging warmth. Not only this, but you’ll also experience smoother skin, all without the risk of ingrown hairs.



With more than 7 years of clinical proven effectiveness and FDA-cleared, STRIP ICE offers breakthrough hair removal technology using a diode laser based on an Alexandrite wavelength, allowing for better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore, providing an ideal hair removal solution for the widest range of hair types and colour – especially light-coloured and dark-coloured skin tones.


STRIP’s Soprano Laser is an advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time. The ICE technology cold sapphire tip minimises the risk of burns and the skin surface while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. This will keep the epidermis cool during treatment which almost feels like a warm massage.

STRIP’s Soprano Laser is able to perform more hair removal treatment sessions in less time with a large spot-size applicator, allowing you to quickly treat larger areas, while offering clients the fastest and most effective hair removal possible. Case studies shows that clients could keep the achieved results for up to 18 months successfully without maintenance*

*subject to efficacy levels of different skin tones




We recommend a course of 6 sessions with 4 – 6 weeks interval between each session.

Hair reduction results can be observed after the first treatment and are more noticeable after 4 to 6 sessions. Depending on individual and body area, some may require maintenance treatments.

It is not possible to achieve permanent hair removal as our body will continually repair the damaged hair follicles. Therefore we can only promise semi-permanent hair reduction.

Like old school waxing, you can choose to treat almost any area of the body including: leg, bikini line, back, underarms, arms and face. Yes, we mean it. Banishing hair from every corner of your body is our forte. 

Yes, it is safe, though some may experience mild redness and swelling of the treatment area for day or so, other complications are rare. The machine Strip uses light energy to the skin very gently, and the handpiece uses a unique cooling system to extract heat from the skin for maximum protection with each pulse of light. Want to know more about our laser hair removal technology? Check this out!

Yes, please inform our Customer Relations Officers if you have any of the following conditions:
– Have consumed or applied Accutane, Roaccutane, Retin A, Vitamin B or AHA within the past 6 months
– Have your period
– Have sunburned, windburned, dry, chapped, irritated or broken skin or any open wounds on treatment area
– Have sores, warts, ulcers, moles, birthmarks or any tattoo on treatment area
– Had Radiation treatment (e.g.: UV Sun tanning), electrolysis or excess sunbathing within the past 6 months.
– Had excess sunbathing within the past week
– Had a surgical procedure in the past months
– Pregnant or breastfeeding
– Gave birth by natural delivery in the past 3 months, or had a caesarian delivery in the last 6 months
For the next 24 hours:
– No hot baths
– No swimming or sunbathing
– No tight clothing
– No application of perfumed products including deodorant, antiperspirant, self-tanner or makeup on the treated area
– No scrubbing or rubbing of the treated area (unless you want a bacteria infection)
– No intensive exercise
Do not undergo any heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas for at least 4 weeks.
Do apply SCO Face or Body Screen daily to protect your skin.
Do apply Ice Cream to calm, protect and moisture, twice a day for at least 1 week.
No waxing, tweezing or depilating of your hair as Powerpac hair removal targets the hair follicles, please shave instead.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal