Everything you need to know about permanent makeup pigments

Permanent makeup treatments are supposed to save you time, and breezes up your daily routine. But what exactly is a permanent makeup treatment? Are these treatments safe? 

What is permanent makeup? 

Permanent makeup are cosmetic techniques such as brow, eyeliner and lip embroidery that employs the injection of semi-permanent pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. These processes produces effects that resemble makeup — just that it lasts a really long time (3-5 years). 

The pigments used in permanent makeup can be broken down and absorbed by the skin over time, unlike tattoo ink, which cannot be broken down. 

What kind of pigments do you use at Browhaus? Are they safe?

PMU Factory’s nano pigments are used for the eyebrow embroidery procedures at Browhaus. These pigments are proven to stay true to their colour over time without changing shades. Say goodbye to bad embroidery procedures where your brows turn a weird shade of brown after a few months. 

These pigments are also organic, and are 100% derived from plants. They are also formulated using the latest emulsifying technology to ensure the pigments are concentrated, and of a molecular weight that is similar to the human skin tissue. 

There are various shades to choose from, and it is definitely not one-shade-fits-all for eyebrows. Our experts at Browhaus will do an analysis before mixing up a suitable colour for your skin tone. 

Since these pigments will be injected into your skin, it is important that the best products are used. The sources of the pigments, as well as the skills of the beautician are very important factors to consider. After all, a semi-permanent makeup procedure lasts a few years, and it should totally be a positive experience!