Why There are No Dirty Little Secrets at Strip!

OK, we’ll admit it… we’re clean freaks here at STRIP. However, we see no shame in being a little bit OCD about how hygienic we are.

Given that you’re entrusting us with those delicate body parts, it only seems right that we make sure every single aspect of your treatment with us is as safe and hygienic as it can be. And let’s face it – whilst we’re all about sharing the love, and banishing those hair, there are still some things you definitely wouldn’t want to be sharing with the next STRIP customer… like razors and towels!

That is exactly why we’ve launched our new Dirty Little Secrets campaign – to shine a light on why we reckon STRIP’s hygiene practices are pretty much the best in town. Take a look at our sacred commandments of cleanliness:

  • Thou shalt always use new disposable razor cartridges for each and every customer – and thou shalt never entertain the idea of sharing electric shavers between customers either!
  • Thou shalt always use fresh clean towels for each customer – and thou shalt always replace used ones immediately after every STRIP session.
  • Thou shalt always “use protection” by wearing a brand new pair of disposable latex gloves during each customers’ treatment.

What’s more, every single one of our customers will receive a nifty little STRIP Hygiene Pack upon arrival, that contains all the essential tools needed for your treatment. These sealed kits are stuffed to the brim with the vital ingredients for safe and clean hair removal, including disposable wooden spatulas, a disposable razor cartridge, a pair of disposable latex gloves, wet wipes, cotton pads and cotton buds – a living proof that our cleanliness commandments are being strictly adhered to a t.

All of our staff are stringently taught to sing from the same hymn-sheet of hygiene, ensuring these practices are standard across the board – meaning that you’ll enjoy the cleanest and safest hair removal session possible whoever, wherever and whenever you get your treatment with at STRIP.

So if you’ve ever been worried that your razor might have been two-timing you with someone else’s legs, that your towel has got down and dirty with another customer before you, or that your therapist hasn’t donned protection before getting busy – worry no more. There’s no dirty little secrets round here, that we promise!