What to expect during and after your first waxing experience

What to expect before and after your waxing experience

What to expect during and after your first waxing experience

Heard a lot of horror waxing experiences from your friends so you are hesitant to try it for yourself? Actually there is nothing to fear about because if you prep yourself properly (hint: read this article) and know what to expect during the waxing session, there really is nothing to be afraid of. If you are ready, read on for a list of the things you will encounter when during your virgin waxing experience. 

Feeling self-conscious 
This is especially so for the first-timers who are going for their virgin bikini or Brazilian wax. You can let your therapist know that it is your first time and we are pretty sure the experienced ones out there will understand. But you also have to remember that they have seen a fair share of the girly bits. They are very used to it, and definitely won’t judge. 

Growing your hair out a little before a waxing session
During the waxing process, hair needs to be pulled out from the hair roots so it is essential to grow your hair out to about a quarter of an inch long so wax can pick your hair up. So remember, don’t shave before your waxing appointment!

Teeny weeny bit of discomfort
This is very true, especially for the first-timers with a lower pain threshold as well as those with stubborn and coarse body hair. There are a few ways to ease the pain levels though. A bikini wax removes hair from certain parts of your bikini area and if you compare that with a Brazilian wax which removes all the hair in the area, a bikini wax is definitely less painful for a first-timer. 

If you know that you really are going to be in lots of pain, take a dose of your regular painkiller about two hours before your waxing appointment. This is actually quite common among the first-time waxers and even the experienced ones with a very low pain threshold. 

There are different kind of wax styles
Yes, it is a lot like going to a hair salon and deciding on which hairstyle you want to get. Depending on the salon, there are usually a few different wax styles and if you are unsure about the kinds of style they offer or if you really want a specific style, discuss it with your therapist and they’ll explain it all to you. 

Expect a clean, hygienic wax salon
If you are going to bare it all and expose your skin to waxing, you should also realise that doing it in a clean environment matters. Pay attention to the interior of the salon, its facilities and even the bed you are going to lie on. Trust your gut feelings! Also, applicators that have touched your skin shouldn’t be double dipped because that can cause contamination to the wax and your skin. 

The right timing
For the ladies, it is not recommended to wax your intimate area during that time of the month. It is extra sensitive down there, especially three days before a period and also during the period itself. If you really have to do it, the process might be a little more painful than usual.

You won’t be able to workout for the next 24 hours
Also, it is not recommended to workout after your waxing session because the waxed areas are sensitive and sweat might cause irritation to your skin. Definitely better safe than sorry. 

It might get a little sore
No matter how good your therapist is, the process is still going to open up your pores, making the waxed areas a little more sensitive than usual. So it is advised to wear a pair of cotton underwear and a loose dress or pants to your first appointment to prevent rashes after the waxing session. 

Are you ready?
Now that you are almost done with this article, we hope you are clearer about the things to expect and avoid during your first waxing session. A typical waxing session takes less than fifteen minutes so it is a very fast and effective way to temporarily remove those unwanted body hair. If you have been thinking of skipping the razor for a while now, waxing is a great choice. But remember to choose a reputable salon, especially if it is your first time! 

Image source: Andre Guerra on Unsplash

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