Ditch that shaver! We’ll tell you why waxing is better

waxing benefits

Waxing your hair down there is refreshing and makes it easier to maintain. But aside from the convenience, we are really interested to find out the reasons why waxing is such a popular choice among the confident women. “I feel nothing but walking sex,” as quoted from Carrie Bradshaw after she did her bikini wax in that iconic episode of Sex and the City from the 00s. That lady bit grooming plays a big part in many women’s confidence level and make them feel like a totally different person. And let us tell you why. 

Better than shaving

Shaving increases the likelihood of ingrown hair, causing irritation, pain and even infections in serious cases. During the waxing procedure, hair is pulled out from the root against your hair growth so the chances of you getting ingrown hair is decreased. 

No more weird stubbles

Like what was mentioned above, when the hair is pulled out from their roots, it actually gives you baby smooth skin, without the stubble you’ll always tend to get if you shave. All in all, waxing is totally getting to the root of your problem (pun totally intended). 

Lasts a lot longer

Most women will need to shave every two to three days. For those with a faster hair growth, it is highly possible that they’ll have to shave every single day. That’s a really dreaded process most women have to bear with. However, your hair removal routine is going to change extensively if you start waxing because instead of shaving every other day, you’ll only need to make an appointment once every four weeks (on average). 

Fast and convenient

Waxing, be it the bikini or Brazilian style, is so much faster than shaving. The experienced therapists are going to make the process swift, painless and you’ll be properly groomed in no time. As opposed to shaving where you’ll need to bend yourself in weird positions and squint your eyes to not let any extra strand of hair go unscathed, waxing is definitely so much easier. 

Hair grows back thinner

Women have noticed thinner hair growth after multiple sessions of waxing and here’s the reason why. The blade from your shaver actually gives the shaved hair a blunt tip, that makes the hair feel coarser and thus causing its appearance to be thicker and darker. 

Weird brown spots no more

Accidents happen, and you might nick yourself when you shave. That’s when you get those unsightly brown spots. It’s bikini season soon and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Well, waxing is one great solution! 

It’s a treat for yourself

Imagine lying down on a comfortable bed and letting your therapist do the job for you, then wake up with beautiful looking lady bits! Why not give yourself the treat you deserve once in a month? 

You get to keep them in shape

Waxing comes in different shapes and sizes. Aside from the traditional side trim, there are waxing salons that offer different bikini wax styles. The most popular style has got to be the heart! Surprise your partner today! If you want them all off, you can also opt for the Brazilian wax! 

Now you know why waxing is so popular. And you know what? It’s not limited to just the female population. The dudes can get their men bits trimmed too. Want everything off? You’ve got it. There are Boyzillian hair removal services available in most salons. So stop contemplating anymore and book that appointment now!