Mythbusters: AFT Vs. Waxing

In this edition of Mythbusters, we take a look at the on-going process of beating those pesky follicles and why, if you’ve decided to take the AFT plunge, you’ll need to say no to the wax!

But first, we’re going to give you a brief lesson on what AFT is. AFT, aka Advanced Fluorescent Technology, is an improved version of its sister, the IPL.


While we at STRIP like to think we’re pretty clued-up on all things hair-removal, there’s one question that even our hair-busting buccaneers can’t answer for you, and that is “should I opt for permanent hair removal or keep on waxing”? Naturally we’re huge advocates of both methods, but there’s a few pros and cons of each that you’ll need to consider before you start. Don’t worry; we’re here to hold your hand… let’s break it down:

Wax Pros

  • Instantaneous results
  • Affordable
  • Allows flexibility of hair removal depending on the season, preference or current swimwear fashions!

Wax Cons

  • Requires regular maintenance appointments approximately every four to six weeks
  • May cause ingrown hairs for sensitive skin types
  • Hair must be allowed to grow out a little between appointments.

AFT Pros

  • Offers permanent hair reduction, meaning waxing and shaving become a thing of the past
  • The process is painless and is actually quite relaxing
  • Results are noticeable from the first session and become more pronounced as you continue throughout the course.

AFT Cons

  • Treatment initially costs more than waxing, although if you add up a lifetime of appointment costs, may actually work out cheaper in the long run!
  • Requires you to stop waxing for the duration of your course (more on this below)
  • Six-weekly spacing between appointments means that the whole course will take you quite a while to complete.

Essentially, it’s up to you. But, whatever you choose, we’ve got your back… And your legs, underarms and bikini line too!

Ditching the Wax

So you’ve decided to go for the AFT… an excellent choice if we do say so ourselves. A common question we hear a LOT before clients begin a course of AFT or laser hair removal is “can I keep waxing in the meantime”? In short, the answer is “no”, and here’s why.

As we already examined here, in order to zap that hair forever you’re gonna need intact hair bulbs, so this means bidding adieu to your waxing regime during the course of AFT treatments. Of course that doesn’t mean rocking gorilla legs for the duration; say hello to your old friend Mr. Razor and his buddy Ms. Shaving Gel. We know it’s a little retro, but we promise that this stubbly switch will be all worthwhile once you’ve finished your course of AFT and given that most clients report a reduction in their hair after just one treatment, shorts are most definitely still on the menu this autumn!

It’s time to check in on beauty blogger Rachel Read of Through The Looking Glass, who’s now on her second session of AFT with STRIP. Here’s how she’s getting on…

Now I knew exactly what to expect from AFT – namely, an hour of zero pain, so much so that I’d actually be able to fall asleep – I was much less worried about having my second lower-leg treatment… and therefore, able to focus more on the results!

The session progressed exactly the same way as my first one, but this time the effects were even more noticeable and long lasting – exactly what the doctor ordered for a long leg-baring summer! The hair on my legs took ages to grow back at all; when it did, it was much more sparse and fine than its pre-AFT days. In fact, it’s grown back so slowly and sporadically that I’ve now been able to leave it for around three weeks without shaving, and onlookers are none the wiser. If this is how good things are looking after only two sessions, I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like after all six!