Favourite fashion and beauty moments in “Crash Landing on You”

Crash Landing on You beauty
Image source: Netflix

Everyone should have finished the latest Netflix hit, “Crash Landing on You” by now. As part of the female population, I, too, have been awed by Ri Jeong Hyuk’s (portrayed by Hyun Bin) undeniably attractive charisma and of course, his perfect looks. But let’s not forget about Yoon Se-ri (portrayed by Son Ye Jin) because we are totally in love with her wardrobe choices and of course, that perfect Korean makeup on her! 

Her fashion sense

We can’t help but marvel at her impeccable taste in fashion. Ranging from the classics like Bottega Veneta to Celine to chic accessories from Swarovski and Gentle Monster, she’s got them all! She also makes plain looking sweaters and jeans look good on herself. Wow. 

Let’s also not forget how she still managed to look chic and fashionable with the limited clothing choices that she’s got in North Korea. That’s super impressive.

Oh, and do you remember how she transformed that boring-looking green dress on Yong Ae and made her so happy? She’s totally a fashion genius! 

See? We really don’t need a lot to look chic – especially if you are into Korean fashion.

The right jewellery for an added touch of glam

We love how the right accessories can add a touch of glamour into any outfit – and that’s what Se-ri does to perfect her looks! In the drama, she chose a collection of Swarovski earrings to pair with those beautiful outfits that we are very much in love with. It is no wonder why those earrings are sold out in almost every Swarovski outlets in Asia. 

That “less is more” makeup on Se-ri

Also, in North Korea, she didn’t have much on her face. Just some mascara, perfectly shaped straight eyebrows that make her look younger, a good BB cream and neutral coloured lip tint to make her look radiant but still pretty much au naturale (even during that scene where she just woke up from her coma on the hospital bed)

Insider tips

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