7 reasons to kickstart your semi-permanent hair removal journey

7 reasons to kickstart your semi-permanent hair removal journey7 reasons to kickstart your semi-permanent hair removal journey

7 reasons to kickstart your semi-permanent hair removal journey

If you are still considering a semi-permanent hair removal treatment, think no more! It literally changes your life, for the better. Though shaving is an everyday-routine for many out there, but imagine a life without having to shave every single day – it’s literally a whole new world. You’ll be saving yourself lots of time, especially if you are living in a busy city like Hong Kong. Read on and let us convince you!

1. Not having to think twice about wearing your favourite clothes 

If you find yourself holding back on those sexy tops and bikinis just because of those shaving woes and disasters, we totally get you. You might be a tad bit forgetful sometimes and miss out certain parts of your usual shaving spots and only discover it when you are at the beach. There you go, a perfect day wasted. 

Are you like us, sick and tired of being unable to wear something you want just because you’ve had a shaving disaster? This is one major reason that made a lot of girls decide to go for laser hair removal or AFT treatments. Because you don’t need to worry about minor stuff like this anymore. Just give your full concentration to planning that ideal beach itinerary. 

2. Ingrown hair, go away

Ingrown hair occurs when a hair follicle is blocked and that causes that particular strand of hair to grow sideways within the skin instead of growing upward. Although the issue of ingrown hair doesn’t really cause major health problems, it sure is a bother. Aside from the discomfort from the inflamed follicle, ingrown hairs can also cause pigmentation and leave a scar if not properly treated.

3. No more mini heart attacks 

Shaving your intimates is a crazy scary procedure because some parts are more difficult to reach, it is super sensitive and well… it’s your intimates and you don’t want to hurt it. While it is possible to have a total clean shave, it is still very challenging and you might end up hurting yourself if you aren’t careful enough. The worse part? The hairs are going to grow in a day or two and you’ll be ending up with an awkward stubble. 

4. Razor burn is now a thing of history 

Razor burn is a… Insert your own vocabulary. But I’m sure you get what I mean. Razor burn occurs when your skin gets inflamed and patches of bumps start to appear after a shave. The worst thing? You can’t really prevent it, not even the best dermatologist out there. Anyone who shaves has the chance of getting razor burns, especially those with extra sensitive skin. 

However, if you choose the right laser or AFT salon that specialises in semi-permanent hair removal services, you’re in for a treat. With the right skills and technology, the laser and AFT hair removal procedures are almost painless. When the whole set of treatment is completed you can rejoice about not having to endure with that sharp pain that comes with razor burns forever. Yes, forever. 

5. More beauty sleep

Do you remember your first shaving experience? That scary “will I shave my own skin off?” moment and coming up with weird positions just to reach the difficult parts. For most people, once you’ve started your DIY hair removal routine, you won’t go back to not ever shaving again. But we’ll have to admit that shaving, whether you do it in the morning or at night, is very much a hassle. Those with faster hair growth might even have to do it everyday. The lucky ones can get away with shaving once every three days but still. 

With AFT and Laser, these semi-permanent hair removal treatments are the best for slowing down your hair growth, allowing you to see the results of visible hair reduction in just one session. Once you’ve completed your recommended sessions, you can bid goodbye to shaving forever. That actually saves you a lot of time. Imagine those days when you don’t have to wake up earlier just to shave and those nights when you can just slump into bed and sleep the night away. 

6. You actually save more in the long run

Choosing the right shaver and shaving cream is one of the best way to ensure a clean and smooth shave. However the right ones can be expensive, especially when you have to change your shaving blades after just a few uses due to hygiene purposes. A good shaving cream isn’t that cheap either and for most of you who shaves everyday, that expensive shaving cream runs out really quick. Nobody actually calculates how much they spend on shaving but if you were to add them all up, it is quite an insane amount. Also, let’s not forget about waxing costs. That amount really accumulates in the long run. 

Most people need only 4-6 sessions of AFT or laser hair removal treatment to see semi-permanent results so spending that few thousand bucks isn’t actually that much if you take time and convenience into consideration.

7. Time saving

You only need to go for a treatment session once every four to six weeks and if you compare that to shaving everyday, you are actually saving a lot more time. When the full treatment is completed, you don’t really have to shave anymore. No more having to plan your schedule around your shaving routine. 

Give AFT or laser hair removal a try now

Not convinced yet? Well, you can always give the laser hair removal or AFT treatment a try because the results are instantaneous – the vast majority see a significant reduction in their hair growth after the 4th session (of course, that can also vary according to skin and hair type). Remember though, to choose a reputable salon for your virgin semi-permanent hair removal treatment. Arrange a consultation with the professionals and get all your questions answered before starting your treatment because the right skills and knowledge are essential for a pleasant and safe experience.

Image source: alan KO on Unsplas

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