5 tips for stress-free, clear skin amidst the lockdown

This worldwide pandemic is taking a toll on both our mental and physical well-being. Staying indoor amidst the lockdown might the safest bet to help curb the spread of the virus, it is still an intense situation, with a lot of us still trying to get used to the new normal. It is totally normal to be feeling more stressed up than usual, but the side effects of stress might be taking a physical toll on our skin. 

Keeping a simple AM and PM skincare routine 

Since we are at home most of the time, having a simple skincare routines can do more good for our skin. No more masking multiple times a day or spamming your skin with everything you can find on the vanity table. Using too many products might stress out the skin, making it more prone to breakouts and inflammation. 

We’d recommend the usuals — a toner, serum, moisturiser and an under-eye cream for both AM and PM. However, if your skin is still not hydrated enough, feel free to add an overnight moisturising mask as the last step of your PM routine. 

Remember to include a sunscreen during the day because UV-rays can permeate through the windows and curtains. 


We can’t stress this enough — but working out releases endorphins, which has been shown to improve skin health and maintaining skin homeostasis. In other words, it can promote faster wound healing and skin regeneration. That’s great news, because your acne wounds and marks are gonna heal at a faster rate.

Remember, find a workout you like. It doesn’t have to be intense. Something easy like a simple walk, yoga or a 15-minute YouTube workout tutorial is good enough. The important thing is to move that body.

Do something you like

A lockdown means that most of us are working from home. But no, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to continue working after work hours. We have to stress that work life balance is still a thing, and it is so important to do something that relaxes you after a long day.

Read a big, take a spa day and do a full body scrub, indulge in aromatherapy or take up a DIY craft project. Anything’s fine, as long as you like it.

Switch up processed foods with whole foods

We get you — it is so tempting to have snacks within your reach, and with no colleagues judging you, you are free to snack whenever you feel like it. All of us know though, that is not good for us, our health and even our skin.

We are not asking you to stop snacking altogether though. Switching up your usual chips and chocolates with carrot-sticks and hummus is a healthy and wholesome alternative. Or replacing your usual pint of ice-cream with some fresh, frozen fruit sorbet will do the trick too.

Always keep yourself hydrated

And we been both the insides and outsides. Remember to get enough water throughout the day and to properly moisturise your skin during the day and night. When your skin is hydrated, it gives out that beautiful, natural glow.

If the skin feels dry mid-day, feel free to mist it with a hydrating spray — it works, and also refreshes your skin.

Remember to take good care of yourself

That’s about all the tips we have — really simple, fuss-free and you don’t need much. However, please remember to reward your skin with a much-need facial, and thoroughly rejuvenate it right after this lockdown.